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Genie 40


Hydraulic Lift
Year: 1997

Running Condition:  Some controls on boom do not work, such as swinging side to side and adjusting the boom cage. These controls do work on the machine itself though.
Machine Weight: 11,650 lbs
Max Height: 40 Feet
Horizontal Reach: 31 Feet
Maximum Vertical: 40 Feet
Max Unrestricted Load: 500 Lbs
Max Load: 1000 Lbs
Platform: 36″ x 96″
Drive Train Engine: Ford LRG 4231 60U7-C
Dual/Fuel: Gasoline/Propane
Transmission: Hydrostatic
Drive: 4-Wheel Drive
Steering: 2-Wheel Steering
Wheels: Pnuematic – Very Good
Body Cab: None – Controls at ground level back of machine.
External: Very Good
Control Dual: On Machine and on Platform
Problems: No Known Problems

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