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Detroit Diesel 8V71T


Used Detroit Diesel 8V71T 350 HP Diesel Engine


(The following photos are of a couple of the motors we have in sock. Because these motors are sitting in a shipping container, we had limited space we had for taking photos.)

We have 5 of these motors left from a lot of 20 that we purchased at auction.

Classification: 2-Stroke Turbocharged Diesel Motor
Displacement: 9.3 L (71 CID / Cylinder)
Config / Cylinders: V-8
Power w/Turbocharger: 350 HP @ 1400 RPM
Dimensions: 33″ L x 48″ W x 48″ H
Weight: 2650# (inc. skid)


5 TOTAL, All are turbocharger / supercharger models.  4 have had the turbo’s removed.  



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We have in stock used Detroit Diesel 8V71T Diesel Engines.  Some have accessories some don’t.  These motors are takeouts from military self-propelled Howitzers. The US Army prides itself on the quality of maintenance on its equipment.

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